that planned “Graphics” update

July 28th, 2014

Today i want to say some stuff, i will try again to update this development blog more often, lets say a post a week or maybe each 2 weeks, deppends of how many progress i did in that lapse.

This last stage of the game begin as a graphics update to the current 50 level demo of the game (available for press), the game is running smoothly on OUYA, PC and Vita and im so happy about it, as Ivan was, in the beginning of 2014 we talk about how to work in the last stage of development, but one or two weeks starting 2014 i got sick by “gastritis” for about 5 months, maybe less, and of course i was not able to work on the game all this time, so the game is delayed by about half year, sorry i had to confess now.

The game has been already tested by some people by now and we added a lot of tester feedback to the “graphics” upgrade, and while planning, I got too excited and added new features to the game which will require a complete redesign of all the levels, all the old features and challenges can still be used and by adding this movements i will show in a moment, the game feels better, player can move faster and game mechanics expand.



in the last beta, players often fall from the cliff of the level, it was constant and even when testers feel it was their fault, i decided to add a “hang”,this feature itself added a lot of life to the movement and i have a lot of new challenges in mind for various levels!.



something else that was added was more attack options, like a scratch and the hability to shoot fire trough your mouth! dude.. you are playing with a dragon, this has to be here!!

i still may not have a lot of new “graphics” to show but a lot of bugs have been fixed, a lot of graphics effects have been programed and of course, the project has been cleaned, rememmber that this begin as a cellphone game back in 2012, a lot has changed and i do not regret making this change.

Also, just about 3 weeks ago, Ivan Aldaz, a second developer on this game and of course a close friend passed away, he did an amazing GUI and texture work on this game. I will be missing him so much. Thanks for helping on this game that was your dream too pal.

It all begin with an obstacle course

December 10th, 2013

Dragon maze on its beginning was a very simple project, as I said in the last post, aimed for mobile devices. The game mechanic has always been simple but when the project was upgraded the mechanics became just sightly more complex, for example, in the mobile prototype which I still have a copy on my phone only has 2 movements, using the gyroscope to move the dragon, similar to a marble (that is where the roll comes from) and a dash to smash things, it was not more complex than a regular marble mobile game, but the dashing added a lot of fun and uniqueness to the game.

some obstacles still remain in their esccence

some levels still remain in their essence

Something good is that even with those changes, some obstacles are still fun for this new movement, with some adaptations of course.

But when that mechanic got translated to a controller, that was of course very simple and by consequence, the first month of the new development was spend 100% in making a smooth and fun movement, and to test something like that, I build an obstacle course for the dragon with the most basic obstacles you could find like, ramps, holes, enemies (static boxes that caused damage) and all this stage was tested with the target controller (an OUYA controller).

gym used to train the dragon movement

gym used to train the dragon movement

Doing it in this way saved me a LOT of time, and in some breakdown, the movement code was finished in about 2 or 3 days with all the features, but tweaking it to make the movement feel smooth and fun took me about a week, moving values of the movement from 12 to 11.5, then 11.8, 11.3 and so on, until I could give the control to anyone and make him or her feel comfortable with the movement without me explaining anything.

the videos of this kind of tests will be released AFTER the game is out, i don’t want to waste your first impression of the game, sorry for not posting the early videos :).



Dragon Maze Game Origin

December 2nd, 2013

In the first post about DragonMaze game i would like to talk about what has been going on with this project.

3 years ago, when i started felinearts, the idea was to make outsource art for other games or projects, but then, after the release of Phoenix Run, i felt very comfortable into making all the games, that game was really a test, and I could say, the choice to make first a very small game before starting a big project was something i will never regret

beta screenshot of Phoenix Run

beta screenshot of Phoenix Run

Phoenix run allow me to get used to unity, and to understand the most common problems when developing a game, (some of which i will be talking about a lot here), and then after the launch of Phoenix Run, Dragon Maze begin its development as a complete game.

At first, the game was an idea for a phone game, android and iOS of course, actually the alpha for those devices was finished, the game mechanics were simple and the project was easy to develop, i released just a few images of the project in that stage.

beta stage of dragon maze for android and iOS

beta stage of dragon maze for android and iOS

But then, OUYA came out with their kickstarter campaign, I become a backer and begin to talk about the game, being ported to ouya, just to receive coments like “dude it looks like a regular phone game” and yes, it was a game for mobile devices, and if i wanted the game to be in OUYA i would need to remake all the mechanics to be fun in controller, same with graphics and all the game itself, probably if i had not changed of platform the game would be already released, but im happy with how all the game grow to fit into new devices and now we are aming the release to bigger platforms like steam. (We will let you know when the project is on greenlight stage).


first screenshot of the game running on OUYA

first screenshot of the game running on OUYA


When i created all the new mechanics for the Upgraded version of DragonMaze, then i had to upgrade the graphics aswell, as a developer and gamer i think that, if the core mechanics are simple, then your art, story, music and other areas in the game have to be in the same level of complexity, it would be weird to have a simple game with ultra realistig graphics, or vice versa, after all, a game is not just interactive graphics.

there is a lot more I can say about this project, a lot i can share but a single post in a blog will not be enough, thanks for reading, next post i will be talking about the first dragon maze game for mobiles, and the differences with the upgraded one.

after all, even when this project has more than a year, i am happy with how the project is going.


Welcome to FelineArts Development blog

December 1st, 2013

Welcome to the “Feline Arts Development and cool stuff blog” first i will introduce myself, my name is Lune, an indie game developer and founder of FelineArts, i will be sharing with you here the progress of the games developed in the studio one post per week I’m sure.

I hope you enjoy the blog and thanks for reading!